"A strange enthusiasm that led us to say this is happiness"

Joëlle and Andrea revive the secret garden of wild flowers in the charm of a late 19th century residence overlooking the Cuneo Alps. And a magnificent vegetable garden worked by hand to guarantee their guests fruits of the earth free from chemical treatments.


Rich, varied and generous, the breakfast served by Joëlle ranges from sweet to savory. Excellent cappuccinos, tea and herbal teas, organic fruit juices and sheep yogurt, local cold cuts and D.O.P. cheeses, fresh bread and focaccia, all at km0. You can be served in the garden for those who love the first sun or in the breakfast room shared with other guests for up to 6 people.
Guests staying in la Casa in Pietra can, upon request, have breakfast served in their private kitchen.

Covid 19 rules

To avoid crowds during breakfast, we ask you to confirm the time of your presence with Joëlle in the morning and specify what type of breakfast you want, as it is no longer possible to offer a buffet.

The village

Murazzano is an Italian village of 837 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont. Already defined in the past as the “Shield and key of Piedmont” for its significant strategic position, dominating the Langhe, it is also famous for the production of the homonymous D.O.P. cheese. Located at 749 meters above sea level, it enjoys a mild and breezy climate. The gentle hills will accompany you to the heart of the Alta Langa, the wildest and most uncontaminated one, rich in woods and paths leading to the sea, the mountains or the vineyards of Alba.
We can book E-bike for you that are available in the square of Murazzano.

The artist's studio

“We are pilgrims, our life is a long journey, a journey from earth to heaven.”

After a long career in the world of textiles, Andrea decided to retire from Turin to a rural life with his wife Joëlle.
For more than 40 years he has been cutting from fashion magazines creating oneiric and increasingly evocative collages. In addition to the glossy paper, he was fascinated by the woods and his secrets, collecting ancient stones, some of which live in the garden.
The walls of la Casa Rossa his countless works. For the more curious, it is possible to visit his atelier and be enchanted by some of his creations.